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Welcome to Fertility Records Music Blog
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Friday, January 14, 2011

Michael Flexig reach # 1 on German Radio Charts !!!!

Michael Flexig reach # 1 on German Radio Charts !!!!

We are so happy to let you know that Fertility Records Artist Michael Flexig reach # 1 on German charts Radio TC.FM with his Single "Heat of Emotion" - week of january 11/2011.
Vote for him !!!!
Great Classic Rock :-) click on this link:
Heat of Emotion
Fertility Records 

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Fertility Music Newsletter 2010/Report

Text Box:  TM  Firstly, we would like to thank all fans, family & friends for supporting our artists during 2010.

Last year was a great year, this is what we achieved in 2010:

1-               Launched our website in October.
2-              Opened NoiseGate recording studio in Hollywood in October.
3-            Signed 18 artists:
-        Barbara Morrison
-        Carlos Arturo
-        Dr Dan
-        DJ Sebti
-        GaRitt & the Rat Kissers
-        Jezabella
-        H.I.M (His Imperial Majesty)
-        I Shop Gad
-        Menace of Menace Clan
-        Michael Flexig
-        Moondesert
-        Oneida James
-        Roach Killa
-        Roach Killaz (the band)
-        Steven Husted & 11:11
-        The Jazzybell Project
-        Uncle Earl aka Lacy Darryl Phillips
-        Water
4-            Released 25 records.
5-            Attended the NAMM show in January 2010.
6-            Had radio exposure in 6 countries:
-        USA, Los Angeles:     In The Mix with Donna Sam on KLASFM (www. KLASFM.com) / The Ultimate Underground with Lacy Darryl Phillips
-        Germany:  RADIOTIC.FM
-        Switzerland: DRS3
-        Spain: FLAIX FM
-        France: NRJ
-        England: BBC
All have given exposure to all our artists, some of which are in their top 20 charts and weekly rotations.

V         7-       Worked with film and video production companies on 5 different projects with Penguin Productions, Jezabella Music Productions  and ASA Productions.
8-         Produced 5 videos:
-        Jezabella  “live at The Viper Room”
-        Jezabella  “live at The Key Club”
-        I Shop Gad  “First Love”
-        Dr Dan & Jezabella  “BP Oil”
-        Jezabella  “Voyage”
IX        9-       Co-sponsored Mike Sam for English Clientele’s Spring/Summer 2011 Collection during the Philadelphia Fashion Week on Sept. 4th, 2010; for which The Philly Fashion Week Organization and the City of Philadelphia honored him with a Visionary Fashion Award for design.
X       10-     Became affiliated with Frame Management (NY, LA, London, Tokyo, Rome, Paris).
X              11-    Established worldwide advertisement with Google AdSense.

The Future - 2011

What do we want to achieve?

1)     Better advertisement (Billboards, magazines and press).
2)     More radio play.
3)     More internet exposure (YouTube, blogs, Google videos, etc)
4)     More interaction between fans & artists (twitter, MySpace, facebook, Pandora, LastFM, Soundscan, Soundexchange, Reverbnation, etc)
5)     Finally…. earn more money!!!

This economy is difficult for everyone, so we all need to help each other and work together. Luckily, in this day and age this is made easy – thanks to the internet. So let’s make sure that 2011 is a year that we make the internet work for us, to maximize everyone’s record sales!

We at Fertility Records value all your musical talents and the hard work that you’ve put in to make this adventure possible. Keep up the good work and let’s make this New Year, 2011, the year that launches us to the next level.

Marc Messmer/President